Jean Durup Père & FilsHistory, Passion & perennity

Anna Caidan is in conversation with Jean-Paul Durup, wine producer and proprietor in Burgundy.
Wine Story

What could you tell me about the history of the winery?

‘As long as we go back to the past, there is always a member of the family at Maligny. We are producer from father to son since 1560 at Maligny. During centuries, our estate was a small estate with 3 hectares. My grandfather Paul Durup was owner of 2 hectares only, before my father bought further vineyards. My father, Jean Durup, thanks to my grandfather and my great grandfather, has always heard about the best places of the area before the phylloxera. The steepest areas, but the most qualitative ones. He has bought a big part of those lands and now, the estate is the largest private one of Burgundy with 207 hectares.’

Do you have a winemaking secret?

‘Not especially. We vinify in the pure tradition of our terroir.’

What is your favourite step in the winemaking process?

‘The alcoholic fermentation is for me one of the most interesting step in the winemaking process.’

What is your best memory since working at the winery?

‘A tasting, few months ago when we have opened an old bottle of Chablis Vieilles Vignes 1983 from vineyards planted in 1870 which don’t exist anymore.’

…and your most challenging moment?

‘At the moment, we try to preserve the traditional character of our wine in front of the climatic change.’

How would you describe your wines in three words?

‘Character, terroir and finesse.’

How are your wines different to others in your region?

‘They are different due to the quality of our slopes.’

What is your favourite food-wines pairings?

‘A Chablis Premier Cru Vau De Vey with scallops.’

When do you think is the best time to enjoy a glass of your wines?

‘Depends on the taste of the consumer. Some people like the young wines with a Chablisian character and others prefer old wines with more chardonnay Character. I prefer myself wines which are four or five years of bottles.’

‘The Durup family, winemakers from father to son, have been operating vineyards in Chablis for fifteen generations. The 200 hectares vineyard covers eleven of the twenty municipalities of the appellation. Special shout-out for Durup Chablis Premier Cru Fourchaume 2018, a great white wine from Burgundy, distinguished by an elegant and racy style with a minerality unique to Chablis.’ Anna Caidan

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