Domaines Dominique PironPortrait of a winemaker

Anna Caidan is in conversation with Julien Revillon business-partner at Domaines Dominique Piron, in the Beaujolais region.
Wine Story

What could you tell me about the history of Domaines Piron?

‘Ancestors of Dominique Piron were winemakers since, at least 1590 in Morgon! Dominique is the 14th winemaker of the family, and also the last because after joining him 7 years ago, I took over the winery this year.’

Do you have a winemaking secret?

‘Feel the terroir ! Tasting, and feeling is the key.’

What is your favourite step in the winemaking process?

‘To Parody a famous English writer, I would say that for me, winemaking is : “To blend, or not to blend, that is the question !” Choosing which cuvée will be aged as a “parcellaire”, perfect with nothing else, and which cuvées could pair so well to each other, is the real key of winemaking. Blending different cuvées is a very interesting time, I feel like a chef who makes his recipe, and I think back to my grandfather who was a Michelin Starred Chef in the restaurant “LE BEAUJOLAIS” in Belleville sur Saône!’

What is your best memory since working at the winery?

‘The best memories are when every day, I open a bottle of my wines with clients, and I see they enjoy it ! Sharing time with clients, with wines and food, that is why I do this job.

Acquiring new great terroirs is also a moment I really love, A parcel in the heart of Morgon Côte du Py, or more recently this year Morgon Javernières, and Fleurie in the heart of “La Madone” is also for me a very exciting moment.’

… and your most challenging moment?

‘For sure the climatic hazards, hail, frost, dryness, or everything against it is hard or impossible to fight against, and which makes the grapes we have worked hardly to produce, can be destroyed.’

How would you describe your wines in three words?

‘Three words to describe my wines UNIQUE (each cuvée is unique and different) – FINESSE (Finesse is the key, much more than power) – TERROIR (terroir drives our wines, I am just here to make it comes through the grape)’

How are your wines different to others in your region?

‘I want to work very close with the terroir and would love to make cuvées on every different type of rock, geology, single terroirs in Beaujolais to show to the world how great can be terroirs in Beaujolais ! I would love to make one of my wines be in the best wines of the world ! I really believe one day the Beaujolais can have a wine which can equal the best Pauillac, Hermitage or Chambertin!’

What is your favourite food-wines pairings?

‘Chénas Quartz and the delicacy of the Pigeon – Morgon Côte du Py with a masterpiece of Beef, with famous “Sauce marchand de vins!’

When do you think is the best time to enjoy a glass of your wines?

‘What I like ? To have a wine for every moment of life !

More simple wines can go well with simple “Casse-Croute”, some other for aperitive, some other with gastronomic dinner!’

‘Domaines Dominique Piron are a vast vineyard of around hundred hectares of vines in Morgon, Chénas and Beaujolais Villages appellations. Their range of wines in red and white reflects the grapes and terroir. Special mention for Domaines Piron Morgon La Chanaise 2018. Juicy fruit with notes of peony and soft spices. The grain of decomposed schist gives a mineral and refreshing dimension. A modern Morgon.’ Anna Caidan

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