Equipmentto invest in

Ready for your next culinary adventure? From copper pans to professional blenders, discover the tools that will save you time and take your cooking to the next level.

The Cast Iron Pot

Casserole dish, Dutch oven, cocotte… Call it what you will, a cast-iron pot is a must-have for baking sourdough and cooking dishes that require heavy searing or gentle, even cooking from Hungarian goulash to coq au vin.

The Copper Set

Copper is super-responsive to the slightest change in heat, making for even distribution and – here’s the best part – uniform cooking. Translation: no more burn spots or scalding more perfectly executed sauces and sauté treats.

The Stainless-Steel Skillet

Every kitchen needs a tough-as-nails skillet – and this one, made with 316TI titanium-grade stainless steel, is virtually indestructible. It can go from stovetop to oven and you can use it to cook just about anything.

The unsung Kitchen Heroes

The Non-Stick Pan

For flipping pancakes and cooking eggs, you can’t beat this Danish-made frying pan. The non-stick lining uses non-toxic PFOAs, it’s super-easy to clean AND you can use metal utensils. Triple win.

The Chopping Board

Chop, chop! Set the stage for years of gourmet cooking with this large, handsome, solid-oak board. It’s durable yet easy on your knives; smooth but not slippery; and large enough to accommodate all of your food preparation.

The Food Thermometer

Whether you’re roasting, baking, deep-frying or barbecuing, an instant-read thermometer can make all the difference between a perfectly done dish and one that’s under – or overcooked. Eliminate the guesswork; invest in a food thermometer.

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