The Tools to Baking Success

Is it just us, or does scrolling through Instagram of late feel more like we're competing in The Great British Bake Off? Perfectly golden sourdough here, dense and delicious banana bread there... An opportune moment, then, to call on the latest baking tools... now you too can look and cook like a pro!


Stoneware Stackable Ramekin

It’s true: good things do come in small packages. Chocolate pots, crème brûlées, soufflés – there’s something so chic about mini desserts, especially when served in Le Creuset’s meringue-hued ramekins. Plus, if you’ve got a particularly ravenous (read: greedy) clan at home, there’ll be no fighting over who gets the biggest portion or last slice.


Pastry Brush

You’ll use it to egg wash biscuits, glaze fruit tarts and moisten cake layers with soaking syrups. It’ll help you grease the nooks and crannies of your most elaborate cake tin, or gently flick excess flour from your sourdough before baking. Trust us, no amount of dabbing with fingers or drizzling from a spoon can replace the thin and thorough coating of a soft, flexible, fine-haired pastry brush.


Kitchen Torch

Quite literally the hottest tool in a baker’s arsenal, a kitchen torch is great for all forms of charring, caramelising and browning. Do you need one? Maybe not. But if you’re interested in perfecting that oh-so-delicious crust on crème brulée, or that toasted top on a Baked Alaska, we’d suggest picking up a small torch like this adjustable one from Rösle.


Large Cookie Sheet

A flat baking sheet allows you to make the best use of your oven space, while ensuring even heat and air circulation. Translation: big batches of perfectly cooked biscuits and cookies in just a few minutes. This one has two lips for easy removal from the oven, and a non-stick finish so those treats will slide right off onto a cooling rack once baked.


Gourmet Thermometer

A dry, crumbly cake when you are expecting tender, moist perfection is a very sad thing – and the toothpick test (sticking a toothpick into a cake and checking that no crumbs stick to it) will only get you so far. To hit that sweet spot every time (an internal temperature of around 98°C, depending on the bake), invest in an instant-read thermometer. It’ll come in handy when making caramel and tempering chocolate, too.


Heritage Loaf Pan

Here to transform simple cakes into dazzling showstoppers (banana bread, here’s looking at you), this Heritage tin by Nordicware turns out beautiful loaves worthy of the sturdiest Paul Hollywood handshake. Of course, it’s non-stick, meaning the swirls and whirls will remain intact, and it’s made out of heavy cast aluminium for uniform baking and browning.


Heston Blumenthal Precision Scale

While a pinch of this, dash of that approach might work for day-to-day cooking, baking is a science, meaning it precisely requires the right amount of ingredients. To score delicious, consistent results, then, you’ll need a reliable set of digital scales – and this sleek Heston Blumenthal Precision design by Salter promises 0.5g precision. A must-have for any would-be pastry wizard.


X Dolce & Gabbana Stand Mixer

On one hand, you’ve got a super-fast, powerful and easy-to-use stand mixer that’ll make light work of all the most laborious baking tasks, such as kneading dough and whipping egg whites. And on the other, you’ve got a fabulously flamboyant kitchen accessory designed by Smeg and Dolce & Gabbana that can take pride of place on your kitchen counter. What’s not to like?

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