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Salamis and air-dried meats from Rutland Charcuterie; HOMEMADE PASTA WITH THE PASTA EVANGELISTS TOUCH; Tahi's Manuka Honey; SO JENNIE PARIS

Cut and dried

After developing a passion for charcuterie while running chalets in the French Alps, former cabinetmaker Nick Brake launched his own brand in the UK in 2014. Rutland Charcuterie Company makes salamis and air-dried meats with high welfare standards, impeccable provenance and incredible flavour. From Italian-style coppa to South-African-style biltong, this is global thinking, local eating.

Flour power

Want to enjoy freshly made pasta at home? Seasonal and authentic Italian dishes are available in kits at Pasta Evangelists. Each Pasta Evangelists recipe box includes a sauce, garnish and pasta handmade by an in-house sfoglina (traditional pasta maker) and can be made into a meal in less than five minutes.

Rich mix

Nonya Secrets founder Maureen Suan Neo has been making spice blends from her family’s recipes since she was a girl. Now the restaurateur is sharing her nonya – Chinese – Malay fusion – sauces with the rest of the world. The brand’s curry mixes are made from fresh authentic ingredients including galangal, turmeric and ginger.

Spreading the joy

Produced in the unspoilt Northland region of New Zealand, Tahi’s Manuka Honey is 100 per cent natural – no chemicals, no pasteurising. The bees fly freely among the country’s native manuka flowers, transforming the nectar into rich, golden honey, which is then carefully collected. The result: a sweet, aromatic treat with a smooth and creamy texture.



An alcohol-free alternative to Prosecco. Pop a bottle of this rosé-coloured bubbly when you want to celebrate without the resulting headache.

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