When the occasion demands, reach for the ultimate in food and drink. Let the feasting begin!


The rarest variety in the world, albino caviar comes from the Beluga Huso sturgeon. It has a delicate saltiness that lends a wonderfully creamy texture and luxurious mouthfeel.

Urbani truffles

These truffles are sought out using ancient traditional hunting methods. The most prized variety – the famed Alba white truffle – is available for a limited time over Christmas.


Sourced exclusively from the Faroe Islands, where strong tides result in lean fish with firm flesh, Harrods salmon is available in a mild or strong cure and can be hand-carved to order by their fishmonger.


Grazing on acorns while running free in the mountainous woodlands of Jabugo in southwest Spain, Iberico pigs produce a super-lean ham with a salty taste.


Founded in 1892, Targe is a tiny fifth-generation family-run company (with only 13 employees) based in the heart of Monts du Lyonnais. It specialises in saucisson made using ancestral methods from a select choice of meat cuts.


Specially Hand-selected cheese from the Marcel Petite Comté cellar in Fort Saint Antoine.


No fuss, no cooking, just great dishes prepared by Ideal Party chefs with care and attention to detail



Presented in a gift box inspired by Victorian geometric designs, this 46-piece exclusive box includes Charbonnel et Walker’s best selection of truffles, including its newest addition: the pink Himalayan Salted Caramel Truffle.

William Curley’s Nostalgia chocolate

Chocolatier William Curley’s exclusive Nostalgia range adapts childhood favourites for an adult palate. His brand-new maple and walnut whip, using ultra-sweet Canadian maple syrup to intensify the flavour, joins established favourites such as Jaffa cakes, a peanut nougat bar, millionaire’s shortbread and fudge fingers.

Port selection

When it comes to sweet wines, port remains the ultimate – including such legendary vintages as:

WARRE'S 1960

Warre's is the oldest, British-owned brand, as well as one of the most distinguished. Two Englishmen, William Burgoyne and John Jackson opened offices in 1670 in northern Portugal as Burgoyne & Jackson which was initially a general trading company. Over time, the company admitted new partners and its name changed accordingly: in 1729, it became Messrs. Clark, Thornton & Warre, with the arrival of the first Warre in Portugal, William Warre. By the end of the 18th century , Warre’s was already one of the leading Port companies. It currently thrives under the ownership of the Symington family, who have furthered its quality with the purchase twenty years ago of the Quinta da Cavadinha, an estate with nearly 100 hectares of highest-quality vines in the Rio Torto valley.

Warre's has characteristic that demonstrates perfectly balanced, elegant wines often revealing amazing aromas.

Dow’s 1980

Several generations of the Symington family have managed the Dow vineyards of Quinta do Bomfim and Quinta da Senhora da Ribeira, producing many outstanding ports. Dow’s port is most noticeable for its firm tannin structure.


W & J Graham was originally a Glasgow-based textiles firm, founded by two brothers William and John Graham, which became port shippers in the early 1800s. Later that century, a young Scot called Andrew James Symington emigrated to work for Graham's, he became a successful port shipper and his descendants today now own Graham's, which is the jewel in the crown of the Symington Group.

The 1970 is probably the greatest Vintage Port made by Graham's in the 20th century and in perfect condition now as it approaches its half century but will continue to age gracefully for many decades.


Pale & Dry XO, Grande Champagne Cognac

Delamain is one of the oldest and last family-owned and run houses in Cognac. It was established in 1759 by James Delamain, and is still run by family descendants, Charles Braastad-Delamain and his cousin, Patrick Peyrelongue. The house of Delamain is strongly attached to its tradition of craftsmanship. It specialises in ageing and maturing high quality Cognacs exclusively from the Grande Champagne region.

Aged 25 years, Pale & Dry is a unique blend of Cognacs that demonstrates the Delamain style. Each of the Cognacs have been aged separately, then joined together and married for a further two years, to create a stunning and cohesive X.O.

Tales of character

written in whisky…

The Balvenie Stories range is a collection of single malt whiskies representing tales of character, endeavour and craft. Each whisky produced by The Balvenie tells a human story, evolving with the protagonists and developing unexpected twists through years of maturation.

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