The Wall Luxury TV

The Wall Luxury, Samsung’s new super-sized home-entertainment system, is every bit as jazzy as its name suggests. With its versatile modular LED panels, the super-slim screen can be customised to fit any space for a one-of-a-kind viewing experience. The Wall Luxury has two distinct modes. In entertainment mode, it delivers extraordinary picture quality so you can see every tiny detail of your favourite movie, TV programme or video game. Switch it to ambient mode and you can view art, photographs or immersive scenes that make a striking talking point or subtly blend into the background.


Royale wine cabinet

The EuroCave Royale, is a wine cabinet dedicated to maturing wine, allowing your finest cuvées to reach their ageing potential in the best possible conditions. Set at 120C it also has a hydro-control system to monitor humidity. The cabinet can hold up to 122 bottles or up to 50 magnums, and it looks great too! Choose between red-earth and mineral-grey versions to complement your interior colour scheme.


Roomba S9+ vacuum

Today even the humble vacuum cleaner, or a souped-up robotic version, has the ability to elicit a gasp of delight (or at the very least an impressed arch of the eyebrow). The IRobot Roomba s9+ for example, is the sort of domestic appliance our forebears would have fantasised about. It quietly and efficiently gets on with the job at hand, cleaning in corners, picking up pet hair, whipping away pesky allergens and even emptying its own bin without you having to lift a well-manicured finger. And that’s not all. Its ground-breaking VSLAM navigation technology uses an optical sensor to capture more than 230,400 data points per second, which enables the robot to create an accurate map of its surroundings, so it knows where it’s been and where it has yet to clean. So, no need, then, to follow the Roomba around muttering what it missed!


G 7365 SCVi XXL AutoDos dishwasher

Even something as the humble dishwasher can be ‘extra’, as proven by the Miele SCVi WWL. This fully integrated machine boasts a world first – it automatically adds a dose of detergent. And of course, this being an ‘extra’ dishwasher, it can be operated using your smartphone and the Miele@mobile app, or by voice control via Amazon’s Alexa. The app allows you to turn your dishwasher on and off, select programmes and functions, and monitor the cleaning cycle when you are out of the house.

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