Ezra Miller, 26, is famous for his various roles both acting and singing and is one of the most diverse person in the on-screen world. Born in Wyckoff, New Jersey, Ezra’s’ mother was a modern dancer and his father worked as a publisher in Workman Publishing. The two parents were conscious of a speech impediment which impacted Miller at the age of 6 and decided to enrol him in a music school. It was his teacher that inspired him to take up opera singing and thereafter, Ezra performed with the Metropolitan Opera as well as performing at the U.S. premiere of Philip Glass’ contemporary Opera, White Raven, at the young age of 9.

Ezra Miller is a well-established talented actor whose work ranges from playing ‘the creepy child’ Kevin in ‘We Need To Talk about Kevin’ and for his work in ‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower’, working alongside Emma Watson. Not forgetting his impressively thunderous performance as Credence Barebone where he ventured into the world of Harry Potter through the work of JK Rowling's, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.

Miller identifies as queer and because of this, he has struggled with the thought that it could hinder his chances of landing a leading role for a film. But Ezra’s past appearance playing the superhero, The Flash, in blockbuster Justice League, has proved otherwise – and made him the first homosexual actor to play such a character. To accompany his demure but eccentric personality, Miller is always bold enough to wear certain looks that perhaps would be too challenging for most. This was displayed at the MET Gala where all eyes were on him as he strutted the red carpet and fully embraced this year’s “Camp” theme by covering his face with a mask of his own face. His robust jaw line and smouldering eyes went well with his Burberry suit, rhinestone corset and bejewelled wingtips. Miller is able to pull off any clothing in Hollywood – some of which have become the hottest pieces that don’t conform to the ‘typical’ male attire.

It’s been announced that Ezra will have his own stand-alone film where he will take on the character once again of The Flash, the super-fast hero who travels through a timeline where Earth is in grave danger – it’s up to him to make things right. We’re looking forward to seeing this young, talented force at work again in one of our favourite roles.

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