Galloti & Radice chair

This will be going in my boudoir, with my deep-cream cashmere carpet, my Vitra coffee table, my pile of Emily Brontës and my alternative life…

Fresh & Fabulous

Richard Brendon

First intrigued by tableware design when he attended pottery classes as a child, Richard Brendon was further inspired by time spent working on Portobello Road, surrounded by beautiful British antiques. In 2013, he launched his own brand, which today is known for traditionally styled glassware, as well as refreshingly contemporary porcelain collections. The Brush Collection reimagines the classic pairing of vibrant blues on white with a vivid brushstroke design.


Richard Ginori

It’s an obsession Richard Ginorihas cherished for more than two hundred years. A long time spent in studying and researching to turn manufacturing excellence into an elegant ritual made of precious details and a timeless passion.



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