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Salamis and air-dried meats from Rutland Charcuterie; Delicious British cheeses; Tahi's Manuka Honey; alcohol-free alternative drinks

Cut and dried

After developing a passion for charcuterie while running chalets in the French Alps, former cabinetmaker Nick Brake launched his own brand in the UK in 2014. Rutland Charcuterie Company makes salamis and air-dried meats with high welfare standards, impeccable provenance and incredible flavour. From Italian-style coppa to South-African-style biltong, this is global thinking, local eating.

Whey forward

From elderflower Cheddar to mellow blue, innovative British cheeses are melting hearts the world over.

Cheeses from left: Quicke’s Vintage cheddar; White Lake ; Cropwell Bishop’s Beauvale

Spreading the joy

Produced in the unspoilt Northland region of New Zealand, Tahi’s Manuka Honey is 100 per cent natural – no chemicals, no pasteurising. The bees fly freely among the country’s native manuka flowers, transforming the nectar into rich, golden honey, which is then carefully collected. The result: a sweet, aromatic treat with a smooth and creamy texture.



An alcohol-free alternative to Prosecco. Pop a bottle of this rosé-coloured bubbly when you want to celebrate without the resulting headache.


The world’s first alcohol-free distilled spirit offers a great alternative to a G&T. There are now three blends to choose from: Spice 94, Garden 108 and Grove 42.


This sparkling probiotic tea, beloved of the ‘wellness massive’ is a low-sugar, low-calorie way to get a hit of fizz – and do something good for your inner body at the same time.

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