Michael B. Jordan, aged 31, with his charming smile and charismatic personality is turning Hollywood on its head. Recently starring in Black Panther, the much-loved Marvel film and Creed II, has taken everyone by storm. Kevin Tsujihara, chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. admires Jordan for his performance in Creed. “Michael’s got likability,” he says, referring to both his persona and his range. Jordan launched his exceptional acting career in 1999 when he first appeared in the television series, the Sopranos. From then on, he’s made his name playing roles in films that have racial and political significance. Not only Jordan is a strong personality in the acting world, he is also a budding entrepreneur. He has founded and runs his own company Outlier Society Productions. He says that this is a shout out to ‘people who don’t fit ordinary standards of achievement but rise because they find opportunities and put in endless work.’

Jordan’s key message is ‘Don’t chase money’, something his father, a former Marine who ran a catering business from home, instilled in him throughout his childhood from an early age. Michael says that he got his mother, Donna’s, creative and emotional side. This up-bringing saw that Jordan grew up to be a well-rounded individual. To this day, he says, his family, including his older sister and younger brother, is “super-super close” - his parents moved to Los Angeles so the family could be together.

Michael B. Jordan is perceived as an all-round incredible actor and has the potential to do greater things.

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