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Homemade pasta with the Pasta Evangelists touch; Ragnarök gin; Mezcals of Corte Vetusto

Flour power

Want to enjoy freshly made pasta at home? Seasonal and authentic Italian dishes are available in kits at Pasta Evangelists. Each Pasta Evangelists recipe box includes a sauce, garnish and pasta handmade by an in-house sfoglina (traditional pasta maker) and can be made into a meal in less than five minutes.

Brilliant botanicals

Distilled in small batches just outside Stockholm, Ragnarök gin is inspired by the untamed Swedish wilderness. The spirit is made using native winter barley together with eight botanicals including lingonberries, juniper, caraway and dill.

Proof positive

It may be 2018’s hippest ingredient in cocktail bars from Manhattan to Mayfair, but Mezcal’s heritage dates back at least 500 years, making it one of the oldest distilled spirits in the Americas. The word itself comes from the Nahuatl language, joining (agave) with ixcalli (cooked). Fittingly, the Mezcals of Corte Vetusto (meaning ancient cut) are made the traditional way, un-aged and unapologetically distilled to proof. The result is an elegant, complex spirit in which the flavour of the plants and their terroirs shines through in the brand’s three different iterations.

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