Premium Materials Handcrafted acetate in 4 colours: Tortoiseshell, Grey Terrazzo, Steel Blue, Matte Black

Elegant Mobility Hand-polished stainless steel charging case for 14 hours of total playtime

Signature Rich, Warm Sound Featuring custom 10mm Beryllium high performance drivers


Sony PlayStation VR: Live the game

Enter the heart of the action with PlayStation’s new virtual-reality headset. An HD screen creates an ultra-detailed 360-degree environment, syncing with your PlayStation Camera to track your every move and keep you immersed in your virtual world. To complete the experience, 3D audio gives the player an Immediate sense of where the in-game threats are coming from and how far away they are. Share the thrills with Mirror mode, which projects exactly what you’re seeing onto a TV; or join forces with a friend using Separate mode, which loads the game on another screen.


While conventional headphones play music into your ears, BatBand works by harnessing the power of bone-conduction technology. ‘The touch-control device- which can deliver playback for more than six hours per charge – works through transducers that produce acoustic waves; these are (harmlessly) sent through the bones of the skull to the cochlea in the inner ear. And by bypassing the outer ear, the result is a genuinely different, deeper aural experience.

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