When in St Moritz

Be part of the in-crowd

Cross-country is huge in St Moritz (14,200 took part in 2018’s Engadin Skimarathon) and guests at the Carlton Hotel can enjoy a gentle introduction (well, gentle-ish; cross-country is hardcore cardio) to the sport. Once you’ve got beyond those teetering first steps, why not have a crack at biathlon? OK, so hitting a riffle target with burning lungs and shaky hands is basically mission impossible, but the Carlton’s ‘outdoor butler’ is invariably on hand with tea and pastries.

Want one final active twirl? Stay at Suvretta House and hone your ice-skating skills with expert tuition on its private rink.


The Cresta Run, a fixture since 1884, offers a hair-raising trip along a 1,200m track at up to 80mph – but, anachronistically (with the exception of one day a year), only for men. More egalitarian, the Olympic Bob Run is for anyone 16 or up, delivering an exhilarating ride down the world’s only natural-ice bob track; squeeze in between professional pilot and brakeman to clock up a top speed of around 85mph, with up to 4.5G on the bends, on a run that lasts for 75 seconds but feels much, much longer.


Devil’s Place bar in Hotel Waldhaus Am See bagged itself a Guinness World Record in 1996 when its list of whiskies reached the 1,000 mark, and another three years later when it crashed past 2,500. Not keen on whisky? Try local herbal concoction Bràulio, a digestif with depth.


At Badrutt’s Palace, the Fine-Dining-Sharing-Experience-Nest at IGNIV by Andreas Caminada brings a theatrical twist to the table, with a minimalist menu underplaying the magical creation ahead. You can dip a toe in three courses, but given the extraordinary artistry of head chef Marcel Skibba, the full-blown ‘five additional components’ is the one to go for.

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