For several years, Nell Hudson has been starring in not one, but two period dramas. She's just finished season four of US TV network Starz's time-travel drama Outlander - playing the intriguing character of Laoghaire MacKenzie - scheming and vengeful, yet with flickers of redeeming characteristics. "The 17th-century corset I have to wear for Outlander is definitely more punishing than the 19th-century one for Victoria. While they undoubtly help get you into character, spending eight hours in one, six days a week is no fun!" Hudson has to instantly leave one set to go to another as she'll be heading to North Yorkshire for 6 months to film her other period drama series, Victoria. How lucky she is to be able to film the shows in tandem! Although one must wonder if it is quite a challenge - switching from one character to another almost simultaneously! 'I've played Laoghaire for four years, so it's like riding a bike,' she says, If I'd gone from the set of Outlander to Victoria it would have been harder, because I was playing someone new.'

Nell grew up living on a farm in Worcestershire with her mum, dad, older sister, Violet and younger brother, Gabriel. 'We spent endless summers in the countryside, and we'd just hop on our bikes and go down by the river.' Hudson's mother was a successful journalist and novelist - obviously those literary leanings have rubbed off! 'I've written a TV series, sometimes I write poetry and I'm about 30,000 words into a novel. I've no idea if it's any good, but I'd say my inspiration comes from my favourite book,’ The Secret History' by Donna Tart.

Along with acting and writing, Hudson is also a singer and songwriter although she has no plans to record anything with her boyfriend of 6 years who she lives with - Will Taylor from the band Flyte. 'Somewhere along the line I’d like to release an EP, but it will definitely be on my own!"

For now, though, Nell is focusing on her main job, and, as well as her Outlander and Victoria commitments, has just finished filming BBC One series, Informer, opposite Paddy Considine and Jessica Raine. It is a contemporary thriller and she definitely welcomes a change of pace! 'It's nice not to have to wear a corset!'

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