Harriet Jones plays the role of Christine In the Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty's Theatre and is well-practised in giving her fans what they want. She claimed the part - after eight auditions - three and a half years ago halfway through her masters at the Royal College of Music. 'I did six shows a week for two years!' Jones was still at university when she began playing a part made famous by Sarah Brightman - 30 years ago.

Still in her twenties, Jones is already exposed to the cruelties of the cutting room. Scouted to play the Queen in Disney's box-office smash Beauty and the Beast, she found herself virtually edited out from the finished version. 'To start with I looked too much like someone else in the film, so I had to dye my hair. I pretty much make the best dead queen you've ever seen in your life!' Harriet Jones knows that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. "It was an amazing experience and that's what I'm taking from it."

Jones has the advantage of having a partner who's ideally placed to understand the highs and lows of the fickle work of showbiz. Her Swedish fiancé, Anton Zetterholm, is also a musical-theatre star. Theirs is a long-distance love affair and coincidentally Zetterholm was in the Phantom of the Opera in Stockholm - shortly after then taking on the part of Raoul in West Side Story in Berlin. When not working, Jones is invariably FaceTiming her out of reach husband-to-be, "I have a relationship with my computer screen!'

Other than being all loved up with her Fiancé, Jones is a very active woman. 'I'm a fitness freak, I do a lot of swimming in the sea, running, and I play a lot of mixed netball which is a lot of fun!'.

She's also just completed a gruelling Tough Mudder event - 20 obstacles along an 11-mile course in just over 2 hours. Despite being covered in bruises, she immediately found herself wanting to do it all over again - which is completely her all over! She's stunning, has a laugh to laugh with and is a knock out actress - Harriet Jones is clearly a feisty flame in demand!

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