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Austalian Perigord truffles; the finest home-grown meats, a duo of rum straight from Jamaica; Wolf's powerful Gourmet blender - perfect for summer soups and smoothies

Black magic

Few ingredients are as prized as the black Périgord truffle, with its ability to transform the simplest of dishes into haute cuisine. And now, thanks to the arrival of black truffles from Manjimup, in Western Australia, you don’t have to wait until September to enjoy them. The truffles are 99 per cent Perigord and are available until late August.

In rare FORM

The Rare Breeds Survival Trust is a charity that aims to preserve ancient British beef and turkey breeds. The organisation, championed by The Prince’s Countryside Fund, promotes these rare breeds for food and conservation, monitoring threats such as disease and inbreeding, and ensuring their continued survival. The initiative also provides access to some of the UK’s fine home-grown meat, including Gloucester, White park and Traditional Hereford beef, and six types of turkey.

Jamaica Cove RUM

Jamaica Cove is a 100% pure Jamaican rum launched last summer; two big flavours of rum, Black Ginger, and Black Pineapple. The inspiration is drawn from tales of smugglers mooring on Cornwall’s beaches in the dead of night in small rowing boats.

The black ginger rum is based on a mature blend of dark rums from Hampden, Clarendon and Worth Park in Jamaica. The result is silky smooth, full of strong rum with hints of lemon grass and citrus fruits and gentle ginger heat.

In the Black Pineapple rum, expect brown sugar, lime, mango, pineapple (of course!), and a hint of peach oak.

Both varieties make excellent fiery additions to a legendary cocktail party!

Finger on the pulse

Summer brings cravings for fresh fruit and delicious dips. The Wolf Gourmet Blender’s powerful blades, which turn at a speed of over 200mph, will produce smoothies, salsa, pesto, aioli and crushed ice at the touch of a button. Perfect for fuss-free alfresco entertaining.

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