Given its ability to capture spherical video and photos, travelling with the new GoPro Fusion is like having a professional – albeit highly compact – film crew on hand. It records everything as you go, so you’re able to find the best shots post-adventure. Relive the experience in VR or use OverCapture via the GoPro app to create videos and photos that you can share with friends. The device also has built-in voice control, four microphones and GPS, making it ideal travel companion.

Berluti x Bonzini

The phase ‘the beautiful game’ takes on a whole new meaning with Parisian leather house Berluti and table-football specialist Bonzini’s collaboration. The French brands have created their own ultra-luxe version of the tabletop game using Berluti’s signature patinated Venezia leather. The pitch is covered in Gerlex, Bonzini’s version of linoleum, which allows for superior ball control, while the players are fashioned from brushed and polished metal.

True colours

Marking a significant leap display technology, Sony’s new ZD9 Ultra HD 4K television produces deeper blacks and brighter lights. Through the use of backlighting, it’s able to provide a picture with more depth and texture than previously possible, and the sleek design ensures it fits in seamlessly with its surroundings. Just press play, and escape.

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