Nuheara IQbuds wireless earbuds: Stay tuned

Still searching for the perfect pair of wireless earbuds? We hear you. Enter IQbuds, which provide the power to control how much you hear from the world around you. Whether you want to stay aware of your surroundings or eliminate distracting background buzz, Super Intelligent Noise Control technology allows you to select the best blend of digital sound and ambient noise, and save your settings for future use. IQbuds combine high-quality stereo sound with best-in-class battery life (up to 16 hours’ Bluetooth streaming), plus they’re sweatproof, water-resistant and slot snugly into place. Sounds good to us.


Leica CL camera: Frame of mind

State-of-the-art technology meets compact construction in this everyday-companion camera. The dials have been positioned on the top plate, so you can adjust your settings without taking your eye away from the viewfinder. And in a move so useful you’ll wonder why it isn’t standard, the exposure preview is displayed in the electronic viewfinder before the shutter release is pressed. Sharing your shots is effortless with the integrated Wi-Fi module, or through the Leica CL app for IOS or Android. The software also allows a smartphone to become an off-camera viewfinder, and settings to be altered remotely.


Sony PlayStation VR: Live the game

Enter the heart of the action with PlayStation’s new virtual-reality headset. An HD screen creates an ultra-detailed 360-degree environment, syncing with your PlayStation Camera to track your every move and keep you immersed in your virtual world. To complete the experience, 3D audio gives the player an Immediate sense of where the in-game threats are coming from and how far away they are. Share the thrills with Mirror mode, which projects exactly what you’re seeing onto a TV; or join forces with a friend using Separate mode, which loads the game on another screen.

Game of drones Aim for the sky


For ultimate peace of mind, the Karma flies safely back to you if it loses charge or connectivity mid-mission.

Through a glass darkly

From the small copper pot stills to the sherry-seasoned casks, every step of The Macallan’s process ensure that its single-malt whiskies are among the best in the world.

Narciso Rodriguez


A richer interpretation of the original Narciso Rodriguez For Him Bleu Noir eau de toilette, the new eau de parfum plays on the more sensual notes in the classic composition. The signature accords of musk, woody blue cedar and black ebony remain at the heart of the scent, intensified by warm amber and smoky vetiver. And, to echo the fragrance, the midnight-blue bottle is now framed with an electric-blue transparent edge.

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