While conventional headphones play music into your ears, BatBand works by harnessing the power of bone-conduction technology. ‘The touch-control device- which can deliver playback for more than six hours per charge – works through transducers that produce acoustic waves; these are (harmlessly) sent through the bones of the skull to the cochlea in the inner ear. And by bypassing the outer ear, the result is a genuinely different, deeper aural experience.


Oddly shaped headphones? Actually much more than that. With two eyepieces incorporated in the band, the Avegant Glyph is video as well as audio. Low-power LED beams are emitted onto millions of microscopic mirrors, which focus the HD picture and project it into your eyes via the magic of Retinal Imaging Technology. All you need do is connect to an HDMI feed for portable big-screen entertainment.


Over the last few years, Porsche Design has been leading the technology pack with its ultra-advanced phones and laptops. The brand’s latest collaboration with Huawei is no different; the Mate 10 phone’s super-slim case houses a multitude of innovative features, including a fingerprint sensor on its glass back. Even more impressive is the in-built Leica camera and the phone’s artificial-intelligence software, which makes adjustments according to how you use it.


The Yoyo stroller, designed by the French brand Babyzen in 2012, simplifies the life of families on the go. The first in-flight stroller was immediately authorized aboard Air France flights, then distributed via the Air France shopping site. In five years, its unique design and simplicity have won over parents around the world. From New York to Shanghai, it is the stroller for urban dwellers and travelers. Air France and Babyzen have now partnered to create an exclusive series in the airline’s colors. Compatible with all Yoyo+ strollers for newborns and upwards.


Most of us love using web-based services where you don’t have to worry about access to a physical hard drive because all your data is in the “cloud”. With Lima it’s different: your data stays safely at home on an external hard drive, but is accessible via your own Personal Cloud, created by connecting the device to your router and the drive. Then, wherever you are, a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection will provide seamless access.

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