Jodie Comer, 23, appeared in two of the most talked about BBC drama shows - Doctor Foster and Thirteen. In the latter series, she plays Ivy Moxam, a 26-year-old who walks free from a cellar in a Bristol suburb after being held captive for 13 years. "It was physically and emotionally exhausting because Ivy had been through so much drama." The role was a world away from Kate Parks, the mistress of Dr. Foster' s husband in the Bafta-award winning drama. "My character was such a vital part of the story, and everyone hates her," she laughs.

A Liverpudlian born and bred, her instincts to perform came out of the blue as there's no history of acting in her family. Comer went to Saturday school and used to dance and sing too. When she met Stephen Graham on BBC drama, Good Cop, things changed for her in a big way, being introduced to his agent in London who gave Jodie a push in the right direction.

Comer appeared most recently in the BBC drama Rillington Place, the retelling of the infamous Notting Hill murders in the 1940s and 50s when John Cristie murdered at least eight women. She plays a neighbour, Beryl, one of the victims. "It’s the first job I've had where I've felt such a sense of responsibility, because it's a true story'.

A successful Liverpudlian actress with a sense of pride and joy in her work. This is only the beginning for Jodie Comer.

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