Based in Shenzhen, China’s “Silicon Valley”, tech company DJI is an expert in easy-to-fly drones. Now comes the Spark mini drone, which is so user friendly you can control it simply through hand gestures. Borrowing other tricks from its larger siblings, the Spark has a gimbal-mounted camera that can take 1080p videos and 12-megapixel photos, automatic obstacle avoidance and a top speed of 31 miles per hour. Each charge gives up to 16 minutes of flight time, and you can operate the drone using a smartphone from up to 100m away.


The Lightpad Block is part of a modular music studio from Roli, powered by apps designed for desktop and smartphones. Its tactile pressure-sensitive surface lets you shape sound through gliding, pressing and lifting. And a glowing grid guides you through the process of creating beats and melodies from more than 200 sounds, allowing even fledging musicians to express themselves.


A pared-back ethos is integral at Swiss-based brand Punkt. And with its MP 01 mobile phone, there are no apps and no camera to distract you – just a beautiful design that facilitates voice calls and texts. Bluetooth is on board, however, for hands-free hook-ups, while the 2in LCD Gorilla Glass display and built-in noise cancellation mean conversations are clear and intelligible. The brand’s AC 01 alarm clock is similarly sleek, while the compact UC 01 USB desktop charger can handle three devices at once – useful if you’re keen to cling on to your smartphones.


A portable charger for your mobile is an essential – and one has now been fashioned into a piece of stylish jewellery by Q Designs. The lightweight QBracelet opens up to reveal a Lightning connector that can charge an iphone up to 50 per cent in 40 minutes. The bracelet – available in range of finishes – can be fully charged in just 90 minutes, and will then hold its charge for 30 days. Clever stuff.

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