Luke Evans describes his background as working-class and credits his family for helping him stay grounded. He was brought up as a Jehovah’s Witness, which meant that he had to go door-knocking with his parents every weekend. This is where the bullying started. Although Evans was subject to his bullying days in school, he says, “There are positives that can come from the experience, and it hasn’t affected me in my adult life. In the end, it was great training for standing in front of strangers and delivering whatever has to be delivered.” Evans came out publicly as gay at the age of 22 but he is a strong believer in keeping his private life, private saying that his sexuality, “Shouldn’t be a topic. If young people read my story, I’d like them to know that, for me, it (sexual orientation) mattered very little.”

After graduating from the London Studio Centre, the 37-year-old enhanced his craft in musicals including La Cava, Taboo and Rent, then going on to star in roles such as The Hobbit, Dracula Untold and, more recently, the film adaptation of the multimillion-selling book The Girl on the Train. Not only can he act remarkably, but he can sing beautifully too, as was shown in Disney’s live-action version of Beauty and the Beast where he played the villainous character of Gaston. After much debate about taking on the role, his best friend luckily persuaded him after watching the 1991’s animated film. He fell in love with the in-depth character of Gaston and worked hard to obtain the role in his audition, “I instantly knew it was an amazing part. I went for the audition and sang my heart out to the director. Two weeks later, I was offered the role.”

Despite his cheery demeanour, Evans often gets cast as dark characters but still holds tightly onto his talent, looks and charm!

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