Charlotte OC

Charlotte O’Connor (or OC as she prefers to be called), is a 26-year-old singer songwriter who has recently released her debut album, Careless People, recorded at LA’s legendary Sunset Sound studio. This career in the brutally competitive music business suits her extreme nature. Though things weren’t always wonderful in the world of Charlotte O’Connor. At the age of 15, she started composing her own songs on a guitar and was approached by a big record label.

She was signed within a week and was working on her first album at just 18. Unfortunately, within a year she was dropped. She comments that, “No child should be in the music industry. It can really mess with your head.” As hard hitting as it was, Charlotte OC has an attitude of no-regrets, “I had a chance to start again. It was like my apprenticeship.” Within a few months, she ventured to Berlin for a couple of weeks, which proved to be a transformation period in her life. Inspired by the dance music scene out there, she began writing new material that was completely different to her earlier work. Signed to another record label, O’Connor created her album ‘Careless People’. She expresses that the name ‘Careless People’ is taken from a passage in F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Her songs, including Dark Hour is inspired by the folklore of the north which is notorious for the Pendle Witch Trials of the 17th century. Her music is unique, profound and is thriving in this British music scene which is an exciting place to be right now if you’re female with singers such as Adele, Little Mix and Dua Lipa dominating the airwaves and awards ceremonies. With her talent, wit and beauty, Charlotte OC will surely hold her own in this crowd.

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