Gastronomy News

From the Miele SmartLine Hob collection, Nonya curry sauces and Confiture Parisienne's handmade preserves to Spitfire Heritage Gin, you will know almost everything that moves in the world of gastronomy.

Spice of life

Variety is everything for the Miele SmartLine Hob collection – perfect for experimental chefs. Choose elements to suit your cooking style or opt for the entire range, which includes a teppanyaki plate, a barbecue grill (with lava rocks and two temperature zones), an induction wok, a gas wok, induction hobs and classic ring gas hobs.

Rich mix

Nonya Secrets founder Maureen Suan Neo has been making spice blends from her family’s recipes since she was a girl. Now the restaurateur is sharing her nonya – Chinese – Malay fusion – sauces with the rest of the world. The brand’s curry mixes are made from fresh authentic ingredients including galangal, turmeric and ginger.

Baby cakes

Whatever will east London foodies think of next? The trendy neighbourhood has raised the profile of all manner of once prosaic food, from pickles to porridge. So perhaps it was only a matter of time before tiny cakes became the Next Big Thing. Victoria Yum, a bakery that started life under a railway bridge in Dalston, has miniaturised its bestselling cakes; they’re selling like…well you know.

A fine spread

In 2015, two Parisian gastronomes, Laura Goninet and Nadège Gaultier, came together to turn traditional jam on its head. They founded Confiture Parisienne, whose handmade preserves come in innovative flavour combinations and are presented in chic white jars. Forget strawberry or apricot spread; this range includes mixtures of seasonal fruits, vegetables and spices, including carrot, passion fruit and vanilla, and wild strawberry, tomato and basil.

The spirit of Britain

Distilled in the heart of Cambridgeshire in traditional copper stills, Spitfire Heritage Gin is a refreshing incarnation of the Great British spirit – in both senses of the word. Containing aromatic botanicals including rosemary for remembrance and borage for courage, the gin has been made to a recipe that harks back to the drink’s heyday, in the 1930s. Even the artwork on the label is retro, depicting a female British Spitfire pilot.

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