On first appearance, the Movado Bold Motion looks like any other watch, but closer inspection reveals discreet LED lights around the inside edge of the dial. When connected, it lights up in various patterns and vibrates subtly to let the user know a call or text is coming through. The watch has up to five days’ battery life and is Android-and iOS-compatible.


Reflecting the style and simplicity synonymous with the brand, the Tommy Hilfiger Activity Watch features a black leather strap and an analogue display. A hidden screen synchronises with your Android or iOS phone to notify you of calls, texts or emails; the wearer can create a favourites list of up to 10 contacts, to prioritise content, and despite the digital elements, the watch is water resistant up to 50m.


Within this beautifully crafted titanium timepiece lie enough features to impress even the most dedicated of adventurers and athletes. Besides alerting you to incoming calls and messages, the watch has built-in GPS, plus an altimeter, barometer, compass and heart-rate monitor, allowing it to track and measure data for just about any sport, from trail running to cross-country skiing. The daily Chronos can compute distance, pace and altitude, as well as keep tabs on daily activity. It’s also water-resistant to 100m. That’s what you call high performance.


With a subtle digital screen on the dial, the Lacoste Activity Watch does more than tell the time. When connected to a smartphone, it can receive notifications of incoming calls, texts and emails, as well as plot daily, weekly and monthly activity via the built-in step counter. Compatible with Android and iOS, the watch comes in the brand’s signature green, blue or black.

MOTO 360

Stylish and practical, the Moto 360, with its retro-inspired dial, offers connectivity to a wide range of Androids apps. As well as smartphone alerts, the model can provide updates on the weather, take memos and set reminders. And with the help of OK Google technology, it can even give directions. The watch also acts as an activity monitor, keeping an eye on how many steps you’ve taken, and provides coaching advice and notifications.

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