Flying high

When it comes to aeronautical heritage, Rolex sits among horology’s pioneers, having been one of the go-to brands for pilots and adventurers since aviation’s golden age in the 1930s. The Oyster Perpetual Air-King – a modern reinterpretation of an old favourite – draws on Rolex’s eminent past and is fitted with cutting edge technology. Made from corrosion resistant steel, it carries the watchmaker’s exclusive Superlative Chronometer certification and features a shield to protect against magnetic fields.

Signature style

For the 25th Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award, the brand has paid tribute to one of the most influential art collectors of all time, the late Peggy Guggenheim, creating three pens in her honour. The pattern on the barrel and cap of the 4810 model reflects the design of the entrance gates at the Guggenheim Collection in Venice, and the red lacquer inlay spiral resembles the city’s striped mooring poles.


There’s the TV remote. And the DVD remote. The Xbox console and the sound-system control. Then there’s the thermostat, the thingy for opening and closing the blinds, and the lighting panel on the wall that always feels like a hassle to adjust once you’ve settled down for the evening. Imagine, then, being able to control everything via one unit. The Harmony Elite, compatible with more than 270,000 devices, does just that. It will rewind the DVR, turn up the volume on the Sonos system, or turn down the lights and start the movie. And don’t worry if it falls down the back of the sofa – the Harmony app on your phone can take over.

STAR struck

Theoretical physics was the subject behind Timothy Oulton’s newest design. In his Rosen Bridge pendant light, he celebrates Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen’s 1935 theory of ‘wormholes’ – cosmic shortcuts in space and time. Oulton has reimagined this revolutionary idea through a solar-themed light design: adjustable rings of steel are lined with glass pieces that sparkle and reflect the light emitting from the central bulb.

Pick and mix

Mention Vivienne Westwood, and tartan, safety pin and a punk attitude come to mind. But her latest collaboration with The Rug Company reveals a more genteel side. The abstract Thistle rug takes its cue from the Scottish emblem,

while the rose designs are reminiscent of English botanical prints. So, as it turns out, tradition suits her.

The art OF SOUND

Cool Danish brand Bang & Olufsen has done it again. By collaborating with interior designer Maurizio Pellizzoni, who spent more than a decade at Ralph Lauren Home, B&O has transformed the Beoplay A9 music system into a work of art. Inspired by Sophia Loren and her roles in Italian cult films by Federico Fellini, , the speaker cover is printed with a pair of bright red lips on a white background.

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