Ananda in the Himalayas

Clinging to the foothills of the Himalayas in a setting of lush green forests brushed by the clouds, the Ananda overlooks the Ganges, in the North of India. This majestic building built in 1895 in the heart of a fifty hectares’ domain recalls the pomp of the royal era.

The Land and palace of Maharaja of Tehri-Garhwal shelter this extra-ordinary hotel and give it dignity. In Sanskrit, Ananda means health and contentment. A promise kept in this magical place possessed of a marvellous wellness centre. Overlooking the famous town of Rishikesh where yoga, Ayurveda and meditation were born, the Ananda could only focus on hospitality and relaxation.

Located at the foot of the hill, the building which serves as residence to the hosts has 70 luxurious rooms and five suites. There are spacious rooms (45m2), elegantly decorated with silk fabrics and antique furniture and a balcony. In the evening, the scenery of the sun dipping into the valley of the Ganges is a real pleasure. From the room a panoramic view of the palace of the maharajah and the hills of the Himalaya unfolds. If all suites feature a private garden, the presidential suite plays the refinement card with its outdoor jacuzzi on the terrace…

An original centre of well-being

Designed as a health and wellness destination, Ananda offers services which invite one to relaxation. There is of course the vast well-being centre which deploys over 2100m2 20 rooms to care for all types of therapies.

There are restaurants which apply the fundamental principles of a rejuvenation cuisine. This light food based on herbs and organic vegetables grown in the gardens of the domain seems an eclectic fusion of Californian and eastern cuisine. It is served at the main restaurant, while the nearby pavilion offers snacks guaranteeing a maximum nutritive intake through a healthy diet. At the Winter Garden the traditional Indian cuisine ‘Thali’ can be enjoyed. There are also the state-of-the-art facilities from this unique place, such as the library with many books and manuscripts, hosted in one of the palace wing. Witness to the splendour of the days of the Raj, a sumptuous billiard table reigns supreme in its own room, not far from the bridge and tea room.

Care: the science of longevity of Ayurveda

Centuries of wisdom and experience have enabled the development of Ayurveda, the traditional Indian science of holistic medicine. This method which has as its main objective to favour immunity as a guarantee of health, contributes to the restoration of the balance of the body’s bio-energies. A 100% natural technique of care whose origins date back more than 5,000 years, Ayurveda rejuvenates the body and relaxes the mind. At Ananda, the spa offers a wide range of treatments and special Ayurvediques treatments: Abhyanga (massage synchronised), Pizhichill (treatment post-rejuvenation based on application of vegetable oils) Sirodhara (pouring on the forehead of a special oil of soothing virtues), Choornaswedan (intensive massage of the body using herbal powder), Pancha Karma (purification therapy)… among the treatments and massages to chase away the stress and tension, the Ananda spa provides the whole range, from Swedish massage to reflexology, traditional Thai massage, hydrotherapy, algae bath, stimulating showers or Indian honey and sandalwood scrubs. These treatments are given in a setting with supporting medical care, advice from a dietician, assessment of the state of fitness of the client, custom training… Ananda in the Himalayas

India Idylls

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