What's new in the world of gastronomy?

From the universe of gin, Veren exclusive bottled waters, and innovative British cheeses
you will learn almost everything on what moves in the world of luxury gastronomy with Le Sommelier!

Thirst choice

Sourced from water vapour in the skies high above a remote Florida Key, Veren is a new name among the line-up of exclusive bottled waters. Naturally filtered by the Gulf Stream, and free of chlorides, fluorides and sodium, Veren is said to be one of the world’s purest waters.

Blithe spirit

London’s colourful relationship with gin dates back to the 18th century, when William of Orange first imported it from Holland. The spirit has undergone a renaissance, with bartenders using it in all manner of cocktails, and independent distillers springing up apace. Witness the City of London Distillery, which opened in 2012; its signature Dry Gin is flavoured with angelica, liquorice and coriander seeds.

Whey forward

From elderflower Cheddar to mellow blue, innovative British cheeses are melting hearts the world over.

Cheeses from left: Quicke’s Vintage cheddar www.quickes.co.uk; White Lake www.whitelake.co.uk; Cropwell Bishop’s Beauvale www.cropwellbishopstilton.com


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