Courtesy of its curved form, designed expressly for flawless acoustics, the Blade Two speaker from KEF can produce a powerful sound at all frequency levels with no hint of distortion. In a range of colours and finishes, it incorporates the same advanced driver technology as the original, but – at 1.5m tall – is smaller, making it ideal for tight spaces.


Surround sound certainly isn’t just for cinema systems. Launched this year, the egg-shaped R7 Wireless 3600 Multiroom Speaker (available in black and white) has an umpiring tweeter and an unusual downward-facing woofer that, together, aim sound at two acoustic lenses – which project in 360 degrees. What’s more, the speaker lets you play music from online radio stations, music-streaming services, your phone, or even the cloud.


The 1960’s classic radiogram has been given a 21st-century makeover by Ruark Audio, introducing a sleek design and souped-up features. Part tech, part statement piece, the R7 comprises a walnut-veneer cabinet housing a high-performance CD player that plays both standard and MP3 disks. Other features include internet and DAB+ tuners for access to international radio stations, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for wireless networking and music streaming. A TV and DVD player can be connected, and there are stereo drivers and an active subwoofer, meaning that the R7 can be used as the central sound source for your home.


Compact and stylish, the Technics Ottava Premium All-in-one HiFi System works well in small spaces. High-resolution network audio, a stereo amplifier and powerful speakers combine to deliver exceptional sound quality, while the system also has CD, USB, USB-DAC and smartphone connectivity. And, thanks to its symmetrical woofers, the volume can be turned right up without the powerful bass causing any cabinet vibrations.


With the SoundTouch 10 wireless music system from Bose, you can have studio-quality audio anywhere in the house. It connects to the internet via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, allowing you to access online radio stations, your library of favourites, and services such as Spotify, and you can add systems to stream the same or different tracks in each room. Managing your music is easy using the SoundTouch app on your tablet or smartphone, or simply press one of six presets on the speaker or remote for instant music.

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