Squat, lunge or burpee – whichever exercise you are doing, the Jabra Sport Coach wireless headphones will stay in place. The Sport Coach connects wirelessly to the Jabra Sport Life app on your mobile, enabling you to create personal workouts with audio coaching for more than 50 different exercises. Meanwhile, a motion-sensor function tracks pace, distance and calories burned, to monitor your performance.


Commit to a Garmin Vivofit 2 and prepare to be gently nudged into shape, worn on the wrist, the device will monitor your activity levels and beep if you’ve been idle for an hour or more. Every day it registers your achievements and sets new goals for the following day to continually encourage a fitter lifestyle. And, thanks to designer Jonathan Adler’s patterned, interchangeable straps, the Vivofit 2 looks cooler than your average sports watch.


Compatible with iPhone, Android or Windows phones, the Microsoft Band helps you achieve your wellness goals by tracking heart rate, steps taken calories burned and sleep quality, while keeping you connected. Maximise your fitness (with features like guided workouts and run mapping) as you view incoming calls, texts, email previews, social-media updates, weather data and more on the device’s display.


Behind the classic watch face of the Withings Activité Pop lies a range of clever capabilities to help you develop healthier habits. Whether you’re running, walking or swimming (it’s water-resistant and suitable for the pool), with the Activité Pop you can monitor activity levels and check your progress against fitness goals on the watch’s small dial or on the Health Mate app via your smartphone. It can also track and detail your sleep patterns, and wake you up gently with a vibrating alarm. A special grey edition with two additional interchangeable coloured straps is available.


Although smartwatches were in existence before Apple’s digital timepiece, it was the American innovation that put them on the map. Now, Parisian luxury accessory brand Hadoro has given the Apple Watch a sophisticated makeover, replacing the plain wrist strap with one that’s handmade from alligator leather; the watch bezel and clasp are available in gold, rose gold or platinum.

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