A SHINING example

History repeats itself, or at least that’s what the brothers Sebastian and Jacob Gubi Olsen of design house Gubi believe. The Danish duo aims to update classic designs, with a focus on lighting. Enter the imposing Gräshoppa tripod floor lamp (above). Or the Bestlite, a desk lamp based on a 1930s style said to have been Winston Churchill’s office light of choice, reworked in crome or brass.


With retro socialising having a moment, Waterford is in on the act. The crystal-cut Lismore Connoisseur Collection celebrates the glamour of bygone eras with its Art Deco design, while applying the modern science of enjoying the perfect whisky. There’s the Straight Sided Tumbler for those who take a splash of soda, or the Footed Tasting Tumbler (above) for sampling, the shape allowing the spirit to warm for a richer taste. We’ll drink to that.

Screen star

Wider than a London double-decker bus, the LG 105UC9 105” is LG’s largest-ever curved TV. The cinematic proportions mean you can watch blockbusters as directors intended with a 21:9 aspect ratio and 150-watt sound.


Garage meets gallery in the new sound system from Porsche Design, which is as imposing on the eye as it is on the ear. The 911 Soundbar converts the exhaust system of the Porsche 911 GT3 – complete welds and contact points – into a subwoofer for superb sound quality from any device via a 2.1 virtual surround system, 200-watt performance and Bluetooth interface.


Oki Sato, the award-winning founder of Japanese design house Nendo, has teamed up with Baccarat to create the limited-edition Harcourt Chess Game. Inspired by the French cristallerie’s 1841 Harcourt stemware, the 32 pieces are hand-cut from midnight-blue and clear crystal.

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