Adding a new dimension to the world of digital entertainment, Oculus Rift is one of the most sophisticated virtual-reality devices to date. Just put on the headset and transport yourself to a high-octane football match or an exotic location. Thanks to the custom display and optics, complemented by integrated audio and 360-degree orientation/position tracking, each sound and movement will make you feel as if you are at the heart of the action.


Skateboards are enjoying a renaissance, but these days they are more than just planks of wood on wheels. The Acton Blink Board has an electronic motor, operated vis a Bluetooth remote control, allowing you to stand on the board but direct its movement by hand. It features three speeds and LED lighting; the accompanying app can monitor and share your exploits.


Budding filmmakers will love the Solo Gimbal drone by 3DR. The model comes with a detachable three-axis gimbal that keeps it extra-steady while in the air. It can be teamed with a GoPro Hero 3+ or Hero4 camera, allowing the user to stop and start recording to preserve battery life, as well as adjust the angle of the shot using the in-built tilt function. The drone can even power the GoPro, so there’s no chance that the battery will die mid-flight, and wireless HD-streaming capability enables footage to be shared directly with connected mobile devices.


With a build 40 per cent smaller than its predecessors, the Xbox One S – with a smart new white exterior – is Microsoft’s sleekest console yet. It delivers the same great gaming and viewing experience as previous Xbox models, but has High Dynamic Range technology for enhanced colours and visuals. Meanwhile, 4K Ultra HD has been built in so you can stream Netflix or Amazon Video – while still enjoying the super-sharp imagery.


With simplified controls, the Parrot Disco is a one-of-a-kind ultralight drone designed for both amateur and experienced fliers. It is built to resemble a small aircraft and instead of a complicated take-off process, can simply be thrown in the air like a paper plane. Once in flight, it can remain airborne for up to 45 minutes, while also shooting and recording footage from its Full HD 1080p front-nose camera.

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