Let the festiveseason sparkle!

Champagne represents feast and luxury. It is the essential guest of these end-of-year festivities.
So follow the selection of Le Sommelier and both you and the wine will sparkle with pleasure!
Wine Review

Champagne André Beaufort, Ambonnay 2005

The colour of this vintage 2005 Ambonnay is adorned with beautiful crystal gold. The nose offers appetising notes of caramel pudding and roasted hazelnut. Then, candied fruit, quince and gingerbread notes take over. On the palate, the wine quickly engages and reveals its fullness. One finds the same appetizing aromas as on the nose. The finish is rich and round and ends on a small chalky note. A festive treat and a wonderful pairing for lobster gratin with truffles, Saddle of hare à la royale, caramelised apple tart.

Champagne Billecart-Salmon, Vintage Extra Brut, 2004

An assemblage ideally calculated giving dominance to the personality of the great Champagne Pinot Noirs (70%) moderated by the elegance and minerality of Chardonnay, Billecart-Salmon extra brut from this great vintage is a great wine barely golden in appearance, perfume lined with crunchy brioche, a complex mouth, in a fresh and multi-layered roundness. Easily drunk from aperitif to the table it is an excellent pairing with smoked salmon, sole fillets with champagne sauce or a pear and chocolate tart.

Champagne Deutz, Cuvée William Deutz 2002

The Cuvée William Deutz, created in tribute to one of the two founders of the house, comes in two colours. The 2002 Rosé is made from one of the finest recent harvests. It seduces already with a vintage looking bottle, wide at the base, very slender at the top, a dark shade that brings out the lovely dusky-pink coloured label. The wine is elegant, with scents that evoke crystallised fruit, red fruits and sweet spices and a subtle mouth, soft and fresh. The integration of bubbles gives a feeling of richness and balance. An excellent accompaniment for sushi or a Galette des Rois.

Champagne Fleury Père & Fils, Sonate N°9

By creating this cuvée Sonata No. 9 after the 2009 grape harvest, Jean-Pierre Fleury and his son Jean-Sébastien managed to pass a new milestone: the vinification of a vintage in full respect of the fruits, that is to say, a vinification without Sulphur. The concept on which they worked for twenty years was finally able to emerge with the grapes of the 2009 harvest which presented favourable conditions for this new adventure. Sonata No. 9 is a pure Pinot Noir. Presented in an oak colour bottle, this wine has a name whose musicality reflects its personality, crystalline in the heart of the original purity of the grape. It has been developed in 4155 limited edition bottles, so not one to miss! Serve this with marinated salmon on toast, roasted veal sweet breads with mushrooms or a Saint Honoré cake.

Champagne Jérome Prévost, La Closerie Fac Simile, Extra Brut 2012

The originality of Jérôme Prévost champagne is that it is signed by only one region, one of Gueux, near Reims. In addition, it is fully developed with Pinot Meunier, a grape variety rarely used alone. The wine has great finesse, with a mineral flavour and almost saline. The bubbles are so pleasantly spread out they give a unique impression on the palate. To be enjoyed with pan fried Foie Gras or blue veined cheese.

Champagne Moët & Chandon, Grand Vintage 2006

At Moët & Chandon all Grand Vintages have their own personalities. Each is unique. The 2006 vintage is rich and floral, and perfectly in the spirit of the Champagne house: an uncompromising selection of the best wines of the vintage. Individuality of the vintage and freedom of expression. Everything is elegant in this champagne: its pale yellow colour, its mature bouquet and crisp and rich mouth. Pair it with salmon verrines, truffled risotto or a Christmas pudding.

Champagne Pol Roger, Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill 2002

Prestige vintage of Champagne House Pol Roger, “Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill” was created in honour of Sir Winston Churchill, with references to the qualities he enjoyed in champagne: robustness, structure and maturity. Composed exclusively from grapes of grands crus Pinot Noir and Chardonnay already in production under the Churchillean era, it is only elaborated in the best vintages. The predominance of Pinot Noir provides the structure, completeness and robustness, while the Chardonnay gives it elegance, subtlety and impertinence. Produced in very small quantities, this vintage remained 10 years in the cellars of the House Pol Roger. Enjoy it with salmon gravlax, Croque en bouche, ewe’s cheese with quince jelly.

Champagne Taittinger, Comtes de Champagne Brut Rosé 2005

The iconic rosé, Comtes de Champagne, is even rarer than its white style counterpart created in 1952 in honour of the Counts of Champagne who were lords of the Abbey of Saint-Nicaise. A strong rosé colour, this 2005 vintage impresses with its fine mousse, its perfumes of fruit, its candied notes, and its structure, which softens slowly over time. A very successful vintage confirming the great alliance of the grand crus Pinot Noir from Montagne de Reims with the Chardonnay also grand crus from the Côte des Blancs. A delight with lobster, duck fillet or a Pavlova.

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