A vinyl turntable for your living-room

For music lovers who set out in search of the vinyl turntable to dress their living-room, one can only advise the model Audio-Technica AT-LP5, simple and elegant with its black matte finish. Get ready to bring out your 33’s and 45’s inches, this deck revives the spirit of the 60’s and 70’s and is adorned with a direct motor drive, a cushioned anti-vibration structure, large feet and a very stable rubber tray liner. We also fell for its integrated USB port that can connect to a computer to scan the vinyl. Be aware, limited edition oblige, there will not be enough for everyone!

A revolutionary pen

We dreamed it, they made it! The IRIS Pen AIR 7 is an intelligent pen that is used as a highlighter. Simply drag it over a sentence for it to transcribe digitally. And that’s not all because this pen unlike others is able to translate the text into more than 50 languages and read aloud through a ‘speech’ function. Compatible on Windows as on Mac, on IPhone as on Android, it may soon become your new best work companion.

Trio: a portable sport censor 3 – in – 1

Adept at running and cycling, the sensor Trio is for you! Tied around the arm or ankle, this small nomadic sensor monitors your heart rate, records your cycling pace and calculates the number of steps and strides you do. Rechargeable by USB and featuring a battery life of 5 hours, it connects to the application ‘TIGRA FIT’ via all devices Bluetooth Smart 4.0 IOS and Android. A light and discreet sensor!

The Alpha 7 S II: the new full format high-sensitivity camera from Sony

The latest miracle from Sony comes in the form of an ultra-sensitive camera, new member of the Alpha 7 family, with sensitivity up to 409600i and low image noise. Other assets: its wide range all ISO sensitivities offering subtle gradations in the transitions between bright and dark zones and an ultra-fast focus. Filmmakers will appreciate the 4K internal video recording with playback of all pixels without loss in full format, the integrated optical image stability on 5 axis but also the wide range of professional video features. A must have!

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