Since it has been proved that no other drink is better for the health than water, brands of mineral water are increasing and are not afraid to stand out in large reinforcements of Haute-Couture design.
Trend and extravagance oblige. A brief overview of these waters like no others with Le Sommelier!

Water for the golfers

Scotland, land of golfers, has its own mineral water called ‘Gleneagles’, drawn from the heart of the estate of the same name, famous for its golf having hosted the Ryder Cup, and its five-star hotel. Protected against the effects of pollution, it comes from the run off of rain water through the rock. The water is also available in sparkling form!

Fiji water: a safe bet!

A water favourite of the celebrities for many years. Indeed Fiji water is so pure that against all expectations, to drink it becomes a real pleasure. With its unmistakable exotic packaging, it comes straight from Fiji (Viti Levu, precisely). Its characteristic? A source that is located in the secluded Yagara valley, at the heart of an artesian aquifer (underground reserves), protected by clay and rock layers. Clearly the water never comes into contact with air and is therefore not polluted. A treat!

Drink the Greenland Icebergs…

It is time to discover ‘Berg’ a Canadian mineral water from the icebergs of Greenland, no less! Low in mineral, its purity comes directly from millennium glaciers where it is extracted. Its high price is explained in part by its rarity; indeed it is very dangerous to collect water so close to an iceberg…

The most expensive bottle in the world!

For the modest sum of $100 000 (no you are not dreaming), you can have the most expensive water in the world! Dubbed ‘Beverly Hills 90H20 Experience’ this water bottle encrusted with diamonds and white gold, comes with 4 Baccarat crystal glasses. With a slightly fruity taste, it is deemed to be one of the most beneficial water for the health, thanks to the electrolyte and the alkaline which were added to the basic minerals drawn from the mountains of Southern California. The height of luxury!

An aphrodisiac water

After chocolate, truffe and ginger, here comes the aphrodisiac mineral water! Named ‘420’, it comes straight from New Zealand in the form of a bottle reminiscent of the famous design of Lava lamps of the 70s. Its source lies at the foot of a volcano and possesses aphrodisiac virtues,

Voss: the must have!

Adopted for many years by many department stores, gourmet restaurant and luxury hotels, the Norwegian water ‘Voss’ likes to present itself as ‘the king of mineral water’. For the record, its design similar to that of a perfume bottle, was designed by Calvin Klein.

Treignac: a mineral water from Corrèze

With a very clear luxury design, all dressed in blue and gold, Treignac, mineral water from Corrèze, sits on the shelves of the most trendy Parisian establishments like the concept store Colette or La Grande Epicerie de Paris. But what does it have that is so special? According to naturopaths, it would approach the definition of a ‘perfect water’. Captured at a constant temperature of 9.5 degrees between the ‘Rocher des Folles’ and ‘Saut de la Virolle’ in the Massif des Monédiéres, it is filtered naturally in a soil composed of granitic sands and contains no calcium or carbonate. Are you seduced?

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