Cinema paradiso

No more shh-ing strangers and cursing the giant who sits in front of you; cinema is coming home. If the idea of watching the latest flicks in the comfort of your own living room isn’t enough, D-box technology turns the recliner into a motion seat, mimicking the movements on screen for the most stimulating viewing experience yet. Popcorn optional.

Sprouting wings

Now there’s proof technology gets better by the day. With Sprout by HP you can send 3D images of objects at the click of a button. It features an Immersive Computing system that combines a scanner, depth sensor, high-resolution camera and projector, making it possible to capture physical items and then integrate them into a 3D digital workspace. The device also makes it easier to collaborate remotely; users can connect online, then jointly manipulate digital content in real time.

Higher fidelity

French audio specialist Devialet has set the bar ludicrously high for home audio. After 10 years in production, 77 patents and the input of 40 engineers, the brand’s compact spherical unit – The Phantom – is like going from a pager to a state-of-the-art tablet. Remarkable for its size, the 25cm speaker emits serious bass without a sub-woofer – or wires. A WI-FI connection is all that’s needed for Devialet’s exclusive ADH technology, which combines analogue and digital to create supreme clarity of sound. And if one unit isn’t enough, synchronise up to 24 around the home for the ultimate integrated experience.

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