The lodge itself could not be more authentic. Constructed of logs, it’s all minimalist chic, toasty fire, polished floors and casually draped reindeer skins. The main sitting and dining area is a shared guest space with floor-to-ceiling windows, perfect for stakeouts to watch the passing wildlife and to listen to, well, the sound of those snowflakes and the drip of icicles melting. It’s also where you can lounge with a drink, warming up after thrilling outings on snowmobiles, dogsleds and reindeer sleighs, or resting up after cross-country skiing.

As for the food, prepare yourself for fine dining, thankfully using high-quality local produce, all enjoyed with a laid-back vibe. Hats off to the chef, Ville, who not only conjures up artfully presented dishes using fresh reindeer meat, fish from lake Inari, but also is an enthusiastic fisherman, huntsman and fireman.

Snowmobiling is orchestrated by Lapland Safaris, a slick yet friendly operation that provides transport, equipment and protective warm clothing. The snowmobile is the best way to explore the national parks. Bounce over fields of glistening white, glide over solid lakes and duck under archways of fir trees. It’s the essence of winter playland. After the snowmobiles you can either learn to drive a sled or sit under blankets; the ride is super-fast, super-fun.

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