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The new Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites & Residences' restaurant in London, a new 110 Taillevent in Marylebone, a cocktail chic & choc,
Champagne Mercier new vintage; You will know almost everything there is to know with Le Sommelier, on what moves in the word of gastronomy!

A new restaurant at the Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites & Residences

One already knows about 51 Buckingham Gate Taj Suites & Residences in London and its 85 suites enthroned close to the Queen’s apartments. The hotel now welcomes a new restaurant named ‘Kona’, under the direction of Chef David Tilly. Showcasing South European Cuisine he revisits and associates the culinary traditions of the French Riviera to those of the Ligurian Coast in Italy. Among the signature dishes include the foie gras brioche with Damson plums, the chick pea panisse and red pepper, yoghurt and mini aubergines or the Gloucestershire old spot pork belly served with spelt and rosemary crumbs. For food lovers the hotel will also open for the afternoon tea ’24 karat Gold’

Brasserie 110 de Taillevent, now in London!

Brasserie ‘110 Taillevent’ (rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris) is a concept! In this original place, there are a selection of 110 wines available by the glass in a unique sommelier map where each dish is associated with four wines. The concept is about to be imported from across the Chanel in September, to Cavendish Square in London.

So Perrier, the trendy summer cocktail!

On the terrace of a trendy bar that you could discover a surprisingly bold and avant-garde cocktail made from So Sauternes wine and Perrier. Purists will raise their eye-brows at this mixture of wine, mineral water, lemon peel and ice; but this refreshing mixology, a tad bitter, could make the best times of our on-terrace breaks amongst the girls!

Champagne Mercier

The House of Champagne Mercier presents its new vintage ‘Blancs de Noirs’ made only from black grapes. To celebrate the exotic newcomer, Champagne Mercier does not hesitate to adorn it with a new look, adopting the code of luxury, dressed in black, gold and red. A wine to be enjoyed over a seafood platter and explored in the House brand new and modern website!

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