A new range of Blu-Ray players for Panasonic

Panasonic hits hard and unveils a new range of Blu-Ray drives with 5 new models: DMP-BDT370, DMP-BDT270, DMP-BDT170, DMP-BDT165, and DMP-BD83. The program includes an outstanding quality of sound and picture transforming your living room into the latest generation of cinema room. Some of them featuring a 4K conversion function subliming each image, be it a movie or slide show. Even better, thanks to DLNA, readers connect to smartphones, tablets and computers in your home to visualise their contents. In short, an investment not to overlook!

Beautiful Denon walnut headphones

To the delight of music lovers and athletes, Denon unveils a new helmet, ‘Circum-Aural AH-MM400’ of superior quality sound (distortion of the weakest sound) and very elegant design. In addition to its walnut shell handcrafted at the height of ‘chic’, it provides acoustic insulation against passive ambient noise so that everyone can enjoy musical moments without being disturbed. Icing on the cake: the headphones can be folded quickly and easily for easy storage. A must-have!

The new Samsung ‘It Phone’

Two of the year most anticipated smartphones are now available. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have done everything to compete with their main opponent, the ‘Iphone 6’. All in metal and glass they are the evidence of the growing range of the South Korean manufacturer who does not hesitate to provide one of them (S6 Edge) with a curved screen for a panoramic view and better image quality. Both also feature a 16 megapixels camera (best image quality existing on smartphone) enjoying a high-speed charging time estimated at 4 hours of use for a 10 minutes charge. So a good choice or not? The second quarter of 2015 will tell!

The all-terrain camera by Olympus

Ultra robust, the new Olympus entry named ‘Stylus Tough TG-4’ is the all-terrain camera of choice! Waterproof up to 15 meters deep (a joy for divers), resistant to temperature up to -10 degrees, supporting up to 100 kilos of pressure and dust resistant, the least one can say is that the extreme conditions hold no fear! Technically, there is a CMOS sensor 16 megapixels, 4X optical zoom, a 3 inch LCD screen, 28 scenes mode, a possibility to film in full HD as well as an interval timer. A must for every self-respecting adventurer!

Discover the Lomo’Instant pack Boston edition!

Blue, white and red, the new Lomo’Instant pays homage to the city of Boston. This film camera enables you to take snapshots. It comes with a pack including a camera with a wide angle lens of 27 mm, a Fish-eye lens to achieve circular pictures, a portrait lens and a close-up lens. Also new: the presence of a 4 colour filter to place of the flash to play with the shades and a ‘splitzer’: a gadget to fix to the unit in order to cut out the photos and to compose multiple exposures when shooting. No panic, a user manual including various tricks is also provided in the pack!

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