A more than perfectdinner!

We all have our cult gastronomy addresses where we like to be in a couple, or with family or friends. That said, no one will say no to a bit of scenery and madness off the beaten track.
Le Sommelier takes you around the world in the air, underwater, in the dark or in front of sublime landscapes for unforgettable dinners and lunches...


Robinson Crusoe!

For a romantic meal in front of a turquoise and exotic sea, there is always the eternal dinner option with feet in the water (and sand) on one of the many paradisiac beaches that make up our beloved planet. But for more thrills, overlooking a dream like lagoon, a detour to the ‘Treepod’ of Soneva Kiri, a luxurious Thai hotel in the heart of Koh Kood Island, is a must! Comfortably seated in a bamboo pod overlooking the Thai tropical rainforest, a waiter hoisted via a zip-line performs acrobatics to deliver gourmet and refined food. Acrophobias to refrain!


over the Mauritius Mangrove

Although Mauritius possesses its share of wonders and sumptuous areas to discover, there exists a restaurant emerging out of the bunch. Le Barachois of Prince Maurice, a little paradise on stilts made of different platforms in the middle of the mangroves. You reach your table, using the bridge under which you will see, at the bottom of the ocean, different kinds of exotic fishes and under a blazing sun you will admire the landscape while enjoying the best seafood and fish. The icing on the cake: the most beautiful wine cellar in the Indian Ocean is adjacent to the restaurant offering the most suitable wines adapted with the dishes you have ordered. Paradise in short!


in a Corsican cave

Corsica… its preserved and authentic landscapes as if frozen in time, its beautiful coves and impressive natural cavities… for an unforgettable and welcoming dinner, head to the Domain Murtoli, close to Sartène and not far from Propriano in Southern Murtoli. There, a stone arch opens up to you, welcoming large dining tables, bar, wine cellar and fireplace in a very refined rustic décor! Once a bottle of Clos Canarelli is opened (excellent Corsican vintage to bring back in your luggage), the grilled lamb ordered and the polyphonic singers settled, an exceptional dining can finally begin…


in the dark?

At first initially launched to change attitudes about disability and blindness, the restaurant ‘In the Dark’ (Paris, London, New York, Barcelona, St Petersburg) has quickly become a real phenomenon already visited by over a million curious diners. Once there it is a blind tasting of a full menu (appetizer, starter, main course, dessert, sweets) that awaits you with as bonus a service of extra care performed by a blind or visually impaired staff. An even more powerful experience since no mobile phone is tolerated in the room and that little by little links with your neighbour on the table are created, all reunited around the same feeling of surprise and intrigue. Of course, the menu is secret so you can guess and savour every element, flavour and texture, as if savouring them for the first time. However, you can specify your preferences and allergies to the manager in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises

In the heart of

the Australian desert…

For a romantic dinner or even more, a banquet with friends, the Australian desert and starry nights is waiting for you! Proposed by the Ayers Rock Resort, dinner ‘Sounds of Silence’ is a real sensory experience where, between tasting of local beers and wines, you will come familiar with Australian dishes as unusual as crocodile, kangaroo meat and the barramundi fish. After a stint at the buffet and barbecue, enjoy the breathtaking view of the National Park Uluru-Kata Tjuta while savouring few notes of didgeridoo and an aboriginal dance performance. A most welcomed change of scenery!

Under the sea

Set your sights towards the Maldives for an under-water diving experience to explore the local gastronomy and this, in very good company. For if the paradise setting of these islands is already breathtaking what is there to say about the restaurant Ithaa of the Conrad Hotel in the heart of the lagoon under a glass bubble to admire the clear waters of the Indian Ocean and the various species of fish and marine mammals it hosts. If the sensational aspect of the place takes away your appetite at the outset, we count on you to relax with a cocktail or a glass of champagne before attacking the Maldivian specialities (the crab is to die for).

On the brink of the abyss…

China and its provinces are still surprising us! To enjoy a Chinese gourmet meal in a disconcerting setting, head for the Fangweng restaurant located in the valley of Xiling Gorge in the heart of the province of Hubei and literally hanging from a cliff. Take your courage in both hands and cross a 30 meter long bridge clinging to the side of a vertical cliff, with views of the Yangtze River below. The highlight, the aficionados of bungee jumping who do not hesitate to take the plunge before your eyes while you enjoy the best of Asian dishes. Sensational!

In the Turkish


Nature lovers will fall for this outdoor restaurant, the Botanik, nestled in the heart of the Ulupinar forest in Ortaca, Turkey. Built on stilts, adorable and inviting terraces, overhang the water source below, which, more than just water turns out to be your pantry! So the menus, freshly caught fish by you, cooked by a friendly and talented chef who will let you admire his preparations in the kitchen. A must!

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