Luxury and zenitude

in Savannah

A thousand miles from tourist hubs and conventional circuits, the Mwiba Lodge has enough to make one more than dream… it is in the heart of the southern region of the Serengeti, not far from Ngorongoro crater on the private reserve of Maswa, and near Eyasi that this luxurious lodge is erected, last born offspring of Legendary Expeditions Group, a luxury adventure specialist in Africa.

Intimate and in the heart of nature, there are eight luxury tents waiting for wealthy travellers in quest of relaxation and breathtaking scenery. Perched on stilts, these elegant suites of harmonious shades (white, beige, pastel yellow…) all enjoy a living room, a terrace and above all bathroom opened to the outside and the wildlife…

Adventure and relaxation extend to the inviting sofas of the lounge, yoga mast provided by the lodge, by the fireplace, in the gym or spa, not to mention the incredible infinity pool and solarium where the wild animals coming to drink from the waterfall below, will be no longer a secret to you!

Unforgettable safaris

Take courage in both hands and leave your sunbed for a seat in a private 4x4 driving through more than 20000 hectares of reserve where respect for animals and the environment is king! Here, the new hosts are cheetah, lions, elephants, gazelles, zebras, giraffes and the experienced rangers will share with you their knowledge of the entire African wild life. And for even more exclusivity, Mwiba Lodge is the only place to organise night game drive in the area!

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